Samsung Chromebook Plus Review – Play Store finally comes to Chromebooks

Samsung Chromebook Plus

Samsung Chromebook Plus convertible laptop for everyone to announce the launch. The market has really gone through a bumpy and today’s laptop and tablet standards have dramatically grown. Samsung Chromebook Plus convertible is definitely not the best dual technology gadget, but it surely led to such a wonderful development path.

Samsung Chromebook Plus is the first generation; because it is the first convertible Chromebook ever to Samsung, there’s more to talk about.

New Chromebook products from Samsung have become the subject of negotiations around the world, and they now support the Google Play Store. So, just like your Android phone or tablet, you can download and access millions of apps and games with the convenience of your keyboard and touchpad.

Well, our review unit software faces few problems, such as full-screen apps and games, but we think it can be fixed with quick software updates. To learn more about the new Samsung Chromebook Plus, see the full review below.

Samsung Chromebook Plus Features

Samsung Chromebook Plus

  • Flexible 360° profile. Enables you to use upright as a computer to reply to emails or finish a paper and recline for a tablet view ideal for surfing and viewing
  • This Device comes with the pen out of the box. Power to personalize your communications by writing directly on the screen. Take notes, make a sketch, capture part of the screen, etc
  • All the apps you love on your phone are now available on your computer. Over a million apps are waiting for you. Find your favorites or explore what’s new
  • Your world doesn’t have to hit pause when you’re not online. Continue to get things done using docs and apps in offline mode
  • Makes it easy to carry with you wherever the day takes you. Turn heads with a full, metal design that’s a touch above the typical Chromebook


Samsung Chromebook Plus design for its praise is the most beautiful accessories. The flexible design makes it easier to move the screen as needed and use the screen accordingly. People can sit upright, use it as a laptop, tilt and use the screen as a keyboard, and many people can turn this awesome laptop into a tablet.

Other contemporaries also have similar portable designs, but none of them comes close to the Samsung Chromebook Plus notebook when it comes to quality and worry-free experience. The extra touch of the pen is an advantage most people will enjoy. The new version (PRO) should also have some design improvements, Pro version of the launch will surely make many contemporaries lose their competitiveness.

Samsung Chromebook Plus

The stylus also sets easier for drawing and capture screenshots for future reference. The owner uses it under harsh conditions without wear problems. The Samsung Chromebook Plus also has a USB port and a stylus parking space. The side of the laptop is wisely used to accommodate volume and power buttons. When using this notebook, it is easy to reach the side buttons and control the volume.

The laptop measures 11.04 x 8.72 x 0.55 inches and weighs less. While all other laptops are 3.2 pounds or 3 pounds, this amazing laptop weighs just 2.4 pounds. Lightweight styling and long battery life allow one to bring it into the woods and enjoy an unprecedented outing.


The Samsung Chromebook Plus monitor outperforms all popular modern laptops. Moving screens and facilities tailored to 

Samsung Chromebook Plus

your perspective is like a gift to humanity. Now, one can enjoy the best movie by moving into bed or lying on a comfortable couch. Mobile screens also make it easy to convert your laptop to a tablet. Tablet views are very useless for browsing and reading; people can finally capture screenshots or bookmark to revisit them later.


LED-lit screens with a resolution of 2400×1600 pixels are not good for laptops, but from a tablet perspective, this is very impressive. This 12.3-inch display is equipped with a dedicated integrated graphics, ensuring an unprecedented experience. One can rely on this type of display for the necessary entertainment, but also provide the much-needed comfort for the eyes.

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The Samsung Chromebook Plus Hut Laptop has been around for a long time, with quality display and impressive design awesome but technical specifications? Are they equally commendable?

This laptop comes with an ARM-based OPI processor that many would probably think it would not be good without an Intel processor, so let me tell you that ARM-based processors work best on Android applications. Because the Samsung Chromebook is based on Chrome OS rather than Windows, the ARM-based OPI processor is the best choice. These processors will facilitate more applications and deliver high-quality video streams on YouTube.

Samsung Chromebook Plus design

Although the processor is really good for high-definition video, it seems to skip a few frames when it comes to 4K video. Pro version should cover such a small problem.

4GB of memory is enough to give the processor 2GHz of processing power, and one can easily boast of tablets and laptops with such high processing power.

32GB of flash memory will make many people feel uneasy, affecting their final decision. Compared to other laptops, the provided storage space is very low, but you can think of 32GB of flash memory to meet the needs of the tablet. In addition, it is convenient with a microSD card slot, so there is always an option to expand the memory.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus convertible has 6 processors, making it easier for people to launch numerous applications simultaneously. Designed to support multitasking, this Chromebook will see people doing a lot of work at the same time.

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Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

With the fastest Bluetooth 4.0, this laptop aims to send and receive signals at better speeds. 802.11 Wi-Fi is enough for easy connection setup and faster web browsing.


As mentioned earlier, this notebook can easily handle some of the most demanding documents. With 4GB of memory, the processor speeds up to 2GHz and can process requests and files very efficiently. The Samsung Chromebook Plus has impeccable performance thanks to the efficient hardware setup of lightweight operating systems such as Chrome without too many results or hysteresis.

Samsung Chromebook Plus design

The processor provided with the notebook can hold enough power to run most applications. In addition, multitasking on laptops is fluid because of the browser-based interface of laptops and can do the job efficiently. In addition, this convertible laptop is still very quiet, even when used in large quantities, which is very safe considering the price, shape and performance of this notebook. Laptops sometimes warm up slightly when used in large numbers, but we want to tell everyone that its proximity is negligible. All in all, the Samsung Chromebook Plus offers good overall performance in terms of budget.

Touchscreen & Stylus

The input provided by this laptop is very special, you can use the touch screen to make the drawings more detailed, the video is more complicated. Stylus for easy selection, bookmark and screen capture. The stylus on the Samsung handset has already impressed me and we are very pleased that they have also used the same stylus on the new Samsung Chromebook Plus. The touchscreen display on this Chromebook is also stress-sensitive, so this Chromebook can really make a miracle for photo editing and graphic design.

Samsung Chromebook Plus touchscreen

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Operating System

This laptop and the operating system is an exception. Unlike other contemporary laptops running on Windows, the laptop runs on Chrome OS, making it easier to run all the apps on the phone from the phone. The Chrome operating system will lead the way in this area of innovation and businesses from all over the world will now focus on innovation and come up with truly smart and newer operating systems.


With dedicated integrated graphics, 4GB RAM and 2GHz processor speed, users can run all the games they play on their mobile devices. The Chrome OS supports all of the applications listed in the Google Play Store and in this store. For people who like the Google Play Store games, the experience will be amazing. People can use 4GB of RAM wisely and experience the output.

However, we would like to add one point here, though laptops are good enough to handle lightweight games, Chromebooks are not suitable for live games. This means you can easily play online games or normal arcade games at Play Store anytime, but games like Asphalt 4 still run smoothly on this laptop. We think Google still needs a slight improvement in Chrome OS in order to make it smoother on Chromebooks.

Audio & Video

Audio and video are impressive as it supports a wide range of audio and video file formats. For its audio performance, we tried to play some high quality encoded audio Flags and our astonished laptop easily handled them. Sound quality is very good, the sound enough to cover the entire small room. For video quality, we tried to play some HD, Full HD and 4K video content, which also responded well. The colours reproduced on the screen are accurate, real life. All in all, the Samsung Chromebook Plus is also a very good multimedia station switchable device.

Battery Life

Samsung Chromebook Plus battery life is quite special, only a few laptops provide more than 10 hours of battery backup, but no one can be a laptop. The laptop and tablet work continuously for 11 hours so you no longer have to worry about carrying your charger. In addition, this laptop charging time slightly more than 2 hours, which is the laptop’s strengths. The beauty of a Chrome OS-based laptop is that the operating system used here is lightweight and does not consume too much hardware or resources to get the job done, so battery life is still very short in everyday use.

Bottom Line

Samsung Chromebook Plus design

The Samsung Chromebook Plus Convertible Laptop is the undisputed winner in providing users with an unparalleled user experience. Quality audio, video, processing power, long battery life and a lightweight body are just other reasons that you should bet your money on this laptop. The only disappointment with this laptop is storage space. 32GB flash storage will limit people from storing their favourite movies and enjoying them, whether travelling or having a card in the workplace.

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