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Microsoft apparently confirmed this in private, with an internal memo obtained this week by, which shows that while the returns on products like Surface Pro 3 and Surface Book were initially brutal, they have greatly improved over time. The later surface, such as the Surface Hub, has never really experienced the same problem.

Consumer Reports In addition to removing its “Recommended” rating from four Microsoft Surface devices, Consumer Reports also said it will not recommend any Surface products. Devices that get untrustworthy votes include Microsoft Surface Laptops with 128GB and 256GB storage, and Microsoft Surface Book with 128GB and 512GB storage. Consumer Reports also predicts that 25% of all Surface laptops and tablets will have problems during the first two years of ownership.

Consumer report spokesman named four specific products, but said it is the overall punishment for the Surface brand. In a emailed statement, Consumer Reports spokesman said: “We can not recommend any [Microsoft] laptop or tablet until we get better reliability data.

Microsoft said the company disagrees with consumer-reported findings and that its true rate of return and support is “significantly below 25%” compared to competing products, writes Panos Panay, vice president at Microsoft Devices.

Why this matters: Consumer Reports speculated from the product, such as Surface 3 Reliability Report, Table 3 faces, and the surface of the early books – all the time these processes suffered some hardware defects, unrelated to the product, such as the surface of the notebook, which is not even in the production of the investigation.

The question now is whether in a similar situation, that is subject to a number of manufacturing defects Chevrolet Malibu sedan will lead to the publication of the Chevrolet Silver ado pickup truck stop recommended. Although specific warnings about the surface of the book may be defensible, encounter problems when claiming a quarter of the book and laptop buyers seem to be a logical leap.

Can past Surface performance predict the future?

The Consumer Reports compiled data on 90,741 tablets and laptops purchased by its members from 2014 to early 2017, based on the reliability report it sent to users. These data include devices from a variety of manufacturers, including Microsoft Surface devices.

The CR report states that reliability forecasts are based on inferred data reported by older devices, such as Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, and other devices. The real problems that consumers encounter include freezing or unexpected shutdowns and touch screens, which are not responding enough. Consumer reports use past data and then generate a reliability rating for the entire brand.

The Consumer Reports spokesperson explained in an e-mail: “Essentially, our analysis is not Surface laptop or any specific model series or home.”  We do not make a claim for a particular laptop or tablet model that is released at a particular point in time. We are predicting reliability at the brand level based on equipment purchased in the first quarter of 2014 through 2017. “

The spokesman acknowledged that at the time of the investigation, the previous data used to measure the issue of a new product that was not even shipped yet. The spokesman said: “This is not perfect.”

However, the spokesman added that this represents the company’s best data for the entire brand. Consumer Reports spokesman said: “Our analysis shows that Microsoft as a brand reliability is worse than other brands, so we cannot recommend Microsoft’s Tablet PC and computer – regardless of this model family. If Microsoft introduced a new Tablet PC or computer, this will not necessarily change. “

Many people were surprised by the findings of the Consumer Reports survey, and people in Microsoft and elsewhere saw steadily rising reliability metrics. Surface Pro 4 owners are struggling with battery problems and overheating, while Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book experience screen flickering and their own electrical problems. But by 2017, Surface Book has become quite reliable.

Given the fact that the Surface laptop started shipping in June, after the survey ended, many wondered how the consumer report came to a conclusion. Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst at Moor Insights, said in an email: “I’ve had and used all the time, not just commentary, on all Surface products, and Moorhead’s experience is anecdotal, but more positive.” Since 2012, I had only two system problems: the software problems of the 2012 Windows RT system and the first 2016 Skylake-based systems. Six months later, Skylake driver problems disappeared. ”

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Consumer Reports has been here before

Consumer reports are no stranger to controversy. Earlier this year, the company announced the discovery of the battery life of the Apple MacBook Pro. Its test uses a developer setting that contains an undetected bug, but that affects its outcome. These tests prompted consumer reports to hide purchase suggestions, although CR reinstated the suggestion after the error was resolved.

Microsoft has its own story side. The company has an in-house testing facility and is on its own to evaluate the comparisons of its Surface devices to its competitors – basically Apple. According to Microsoft employees, the internal defect rate “has not reached 25%.” Panos Panay, Vice President of Surface Computing, writes that “unit events” are less than 1%, or perhaps less than one in 100 devices.

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