Dell is selling our favorite budget gaming laptop


Dell offers the best and most diverse line-up of a Dell notebook computer on the market, with affordable Inspiron series, rugged Latitude business notebooks, XPS and Alien ware high-end ultra-extreme gaming equipment. High-end machines really great in our review, and most of the mainstream and budget systems are acceptable but disappointing. Dell’s technical support is mediocre, but its excellent warranty covers all notebooks shipping costs when you need to give them a service that provides expansion options pendulum.

Dell’s Key Strengths


            In the XPS 13 and XPS 15 is so large because they had been to, there is drool-worthy InfinityEdge monitor, keyboard comfort, fantastic build quality and long battery life.

  • Alienware:Alienware

            It can be said, in the business is the best gaming laptop, Alien ware is pushing high-end performance, beautiful design and advanced features, such as a OLED display envelope.

  • Great warranty:

            If you need to send a laptop during the original warranty period of the year, Dell will cover the transportation costs in both directions.

Top-Rated Dell Laptops

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Dell will continue its upward Apple to seek a motionless, aluminum design with minimalist colors such as silver, gold and rose gold, just like you would find in the Dell XPS 13, however, Dell won the greatest victory and innovative design, such as the XPS 13 2-in-1, which measures 0.32 inches and a very thin with a barely Infinity Edge display.

Dell Design


Dell is not afraid of colour to play, through the Inspiron 17 5000 of 157,000. The company also knows how to make a pretty amazing business notebook (latitude 137,000) bold hue proof.

In the game, Alienware company 13, 15 and 17 have undergone some major design upgrades, resulting in a thinner, lighter, more complex framework, while maintaining the aesthetic galaxies we know and love. However, some well-known outside the redesign, many Dell laptops are refreshed by two or three-year-old chassis.


The XPS 13 2 in 1 is the best example of Dell’s innovative spirit. This mixing provides the same stunning, free flap Infinity Edge display as an ordinary XPS 13, but it can be as a tablet, too. More importantly, Dell figured out a way to squeeze more power output Y series Intel processor; dynamic power modes provide when you need it, without the need to design cooling fan at a faster rate. Another of the brand really stands out is the addition of an OLED display Alien ware’s 13, most colourful images we have seen from the gaming laptop.

Dell Laptops


All Dell notebooks are equipped with one-year limited warranty, unlike some competitors, the company covers all shipping, if you need to send the product for repair.

Upgrade your RAM or storage drive without warranty. Dell also offers a variety of options for point extended warranty, including on-site service and increase the length up to 2045, an increase of accident protection.

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