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Lenovo laptops: Which should I buy?

Lenovo laptop may not be as recognizable notebook brand names as Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Apple. But the association is to calculate the giant across various budgets to produce a wide range of laptops.

If you’re considering a Lenovo notebook computer, first check our suggestions and comments. We found that not to buy Lenovo laptops, there are some great models, we will be happy to recommend.

Lenovo Ideapad and Yoga ranges

In the main, Lenovo Ideapad laptop fell to one of the two series. Lenovo Ideapad is the bread and butter of the laptop, and yoga models are “10 tons” hinge, let you rotate the screen 360 degrees, use the whole thing is like an oversize tablet.

Number is the key. It found its name in the idea of the end of the mat or yoga you are looking for one computer 100 and the cheapest in the range of Lenovo, the most advanced notebook. At the other end of the balance, 900 represent the high specification, cost-effective Lenovo model.

While this is a good starting point, it’s still a bit of a lottery, in order to better the quality. It’s always worth checking before you buy it independent review. We tested, we feel so poor, we had “issued a” state they do not buy a few Lenovo Yoga laptop.

Lenovo ThinkPad range

Lenovo ThinkPad notebook is for business users, but they occasionally pop up on the shelves of retailer’s consumption. They are not cheap, but they have a faster processor and they tend to be lightweight and portable.

They tend to have extra ports and functions. There are pointing stick “pacifier” – a small red joystick is located in the G and H keys of the keyboard move the cursor directly – plus easily browse long documents dedicated wheel.

You can also find there are yoga suffix ThinkPad notebooks. As you might expect, these hybrid doubled tablets. The high cost of these models.

Lenovo laptops: how much do I need to spend?

Up to $249.99 – This is particularly impressed Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga. Lenovo notebook computer, you are likely to bag a decent, valuable model. You can at this price level of the ThinkPad.


Up to $335.15 – Lenovo IdeaPad laptop this cheap is very few. However, you can find a small and low power.

Up to $390.00 – There are many achievements and Lenovo Idea pad Flagship High Performance Laptop PC, you can buy less than $500. But we know that we have found, do not buy in this price range.


Up to $670.00 – For business users as the target, this is the most Lenovo Yoga 80V50010US FHD Touch-Screen and high-end home users of the price range of models.

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