Top 10 Best Budget Laptops under $300


Nowadays, you do not need to break the bank to buy the best laptops, because even the budget laptops are now more capable. So if you plan to spend $300 on your new laptop, you can buy some of the most proficient laptops in that price range. Laptops under $300 are best for everyday work and for gaming! So what are the best Laptops under $300? Are these budget notebooks really capable of doing such intensive tasks as games? Let us find out.

In this competitive market for laptops, new Laptops under $300 are introduced every few weeks, making it hard to buy the best laptops for their everyday computing needs. But for budget buyers this is as good a deal as the 5-6 months after the launch of the new laptop is on the market and is substantially reduced! This gives budget buyers the opportunity to buy more powerful laptops at a lower price. Well, if we talk about laptops that buy for best gaming laptops under 300, a lot of powerful laptops are available for that price range. You can easily perform all day-to-day work on these budget laptops and perform intensive tasks such as photo editing and modest gaming. But you should not forget that…

Laptops under $300 are budget laptops, low-performance laptops. They already have the power to get you to do intensive power requirements tasks, but not as fast as high-end laptops can do! So you need to be very patient when doing video editing and other similar work on these budget laptops. The same game. You will not be able to play all the latest games, but few older games run on these laptops which are best gaming laptops under 300.


Now as you have a clear idea on capabilities of these budget laptops, you can proceed with the list of best laptops to buy under your budget of 300 dollars. It is suitable for best gaming laptops under 300.

Best Laptops Under 300 Dollars – Top Picks

Lenovo IdeaPad 320 Intel N3350 Dual Core 1.1GHz | 4GB 15.6″ | 4.8 lbs
Asus Vivobook X541 Intel Pentium N4200 2.5 GHz | 4GB 15.6″ | 4.5 lbs
Acer Chromebook R11 Intel Pentium N3150 1.6 GHz | 4GB 11.6″ | 2.7 lbs
Lenovo N23 Convertible Laptop Intel Celeron N3060 1.6GHz | 4GB 11″ | 3.1 lbs
Dell Inspiron i3552-3240BLK Laptop Intel Pentium N3050 2.6 GHz | 4GB 15.6″ | 7.5 lbs
HP 15-BA015WM Laptop AMD E2-7110 1.8GHz | 4GB 15.6″ | 5.29 lbs
Acer Aspire 1 14-Inch Notebook (New Release) Intel Celeron N3450 2.2GHz | 4GB 14″ | 3.6 lbs
Acer Chromebook 14 Intel Celeron N3160 1.6GHz | 4GB 14″ | 3.4 lbs
HP 15-F222WM 15.6″ Touch Screen Laptop Intel Pentium N3540 2.1GHz | 4GB 15.6″ | 5.0 lbs
Asus Chromebook C202SA Intel Celeron N3060 1.6GHz | 4GB 13.3″ | 2.2 lbs

1. Lenovo Ideapad 320

Lenovo Ideapad 320As we all know, Lenovo is one of the most trusted brands of laptops when it comes to buying reliable laptops with limited budget. Lenovo Ideapad 320 is the same. This lightweight, powerful and durable notebook is ideal for business people because of its small form factor and high performance hardware.

Laptops under $300 finished with black color and Lenovo brand cover added professional look laptop. This is a 15.6-inch HD LED display, crisp and the best of the normal daily office work. From a thickness perspective, it appears to be a large laptop, but on paper, the laptop is only 4.8 pounds. This is Lenovo’s weight loss! With USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Ethernet and HDMI ports, the connectivity of laptops is another breeze. In addition, it comes with a CD-ROM drive for reading and writing CDs and DVDs.

To meet all performance needs, the notebook comes with an Intel Celeron N3350 dual-core processor clocked at 1.10GHz and comes with 4GB of RAM. It generates enough power to do multitasking, and run all the office software without any lag. You get 1TB of hard drive storage Laptops under $300, and if you want to do some photo editing or gaming on this laptop, it also integrates with Intel HD Graphics.

Hardware Specifications of Lenovo Ideapad 320 15-Inch Premium Business Laptop
 Processor Intel Celeron N3350 Dual Core 1.10 GHz Processor
 Storage 1TB Hard Drive
 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 500
 Display 15.6-Inch HD LED Display, 1366 x 768 pixels Resolution
 Operating System Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
 Battery Life 4.5 hours
 Weight 4.84 lbs

Lenovo Ideapad 320 laptop is the best choice for work and play, so it is the most recommended business and student Laptops under $300.

2. Asus Vivobook X541

Asus Vivobook X541The Asus VivoBook X541 is a recently introduced notebook with a premium-looking chassis and best-in-class performance. It finishes a stylish and professional look of this Laptops under $300 with a chocolate brown-gray color and its metallic body. It has a bright 15.6-inch high-definition display that handles black very well, making this Laptops under $300 is perfect for gaming and watching movies. It also integrates HD webcams for video calling on Skype and its crystal clear speakers add more life to your favorite music and movies. It has a full keyboard with full function keys and numeric keypad. Its touch-pad is also large, multi-finger gestures to facilitate the use of this laptop.

It comes with a CD/DVD tray for use when you need it, plus all the necessary ports and slots for USB Type-C, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet and memory card slots. Despite its metal body, this laptop weighs less than 5 pounds and it is not much lighter and not too bulky to carry a backpack to college or office with shoulder strain.

Built into the Intel Pentium N4200 quad-core processor, this notebook features Intel HD graphics, a notebook that’s enough for games and other everyday tasks. It has 4GB of memory and helps to run Windows 10 with smooth speed, it has 500GB hard drive to store all the working files and favorites your favorite movies and games.

Hardware Specifications of Asus VivoBook X541 15.6 Inch Laptop
 Processor Intel Pentium N4200 1.1 GHz Quad-Core Processor (Turbo up to 2.5GHz, 2MB Cache)
 Storage 1 TB 5400 RPM Hard Drive
 Graphics Intel HD Graphics
 Display 15.6-Inch High Definition Display, 1366 x 768 Pixels Resolution
 Operating System Windows 10 64-bit
 Battery Life 6 hours
 Weight 4.5 lbs

Asus VivoBook is one of the best laptops in the price range to build and execute. It’s also one of the best laptops for college or school students because its chassis is less bulky. So if you are looking for stylish, durable and better performing notebooks, then the best price on the ASUS VivoBook X541 is best gaming laptops under 300.

3. Acer Chromebook R11

Acer Chromebook R11Looking for a convertible Laptops under $300? Then Acer Chromebook R11 may end your laptop search. It has an 11-inch HD touch screen monitor that can be fully rotated using this Laptops under $300 as a tablet and it has a hard hinge to support all modes of this 2-in-1 laptop.

It finishes in a white, vibrant look, while its black keyboard balances the laptop’s professional look. Even though it is a 2-in-1 laptop, it sports a full chiclet keyboard and a large touchpad, giving a pleasant experience using this 2-in-1 as a standard laptop while traveling or taking notes in the classroom.

Although the Acer R11 Chromebook does not have an optical drive, it has all the standard ports, including a USB 3.0, a USB 2.0 and HDMI port. Intel Pentium N3150 quad-core processor to provide support for this notebook, 4GB of memory to support the laptop’s Chrome OS user experience. The laptop comes with 32GB of internal storage and features Intel HD integrated graphics.

Hardware Specifications of Acer Aspire R11 Chromebook – Budget Convertible Notebook
 Processor Intel Pentium N3150 1.6 GHz Quad-core Processor (2MB Cache)
 Storage 32 GB Solid State Drive
 Graphics Intel HD Graphics
 Display 11.6-Inch HD Widescreen LED-backlit IPS display with 1366×768 Resolution
 Operating System Chrome OS
 Battery Life 10 hours
 Weight 2.76 lbs

With a small and lightweight chassis, versatile design, better performance hardware and a long lasting battery, the Acer Aspire R11 Chromebook is a great fit for enthusiasts and students alike. So if you’re planning to buy a convertible best gaming laptops under 300, the Acer laptop is definitely a portable laptop.

The above Acer Chromebook R11 does not support Android apps, so you will be limited to using a very select number of apps on it. Well, if you want to support your Chromebook on the Play Store, you can use the ASUS C101PA Chromebook. This is a convertible Chromebook that supports all Play Store apps, so you can get more done than the Acer Chromebook specified above.

4. Lenovo N23 Convertible Laptop

Lenovo N23 Convertible LaptopLenovo N23 is another portable laptop, used for budget people. This is an upscale look and still a plastic built-in laptop, managed to look cheap, it’s the perfect person to go to work.

The Lenovo N23 can be considered a budget version of the Lenovo Yoga Series Laptops under $300 as it has the same versatile form factor as the Lenovo Yoga notebooks. It has a tough hinge like all Lenovo Yoga laptops convert this convertible laptop, no matter where you want to have confidence. You can easily convert this laptop to a tablet or keep it on your desktop, making it ideal for watching movies or presenting presentations to the crowd.

It has an 11.6-inch IPS touch screen with a resolution of 1366 and a resolution of 768. The touch screen is responsive, but it does not have much light and sometimes the color disappears, but it can be done daily. Its keyboard ergonomically designed for this small size notebook, its touch pad also has the ability to respond. The design of this laptop is hard to believe. The Laptops under $300 and is packed with very powerful hardware.

The notebook features an Intel Celeron N3060 processor with 4GB of memory, Intel HD Graphics, and 64-bit eMMC to store all your personal data. The Lenovo N23 is not built for games because it has less hardware features, but it is perfect for students taking notes in class or in business and doing all office-oriented work.

Hardware Specifications of Lenovo N23 2-in-1 Laptop
 Processor 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron N3060 Processor
 Storage 64GB eMMC
 Graphics Intel HD Graphics
 Display 11.6-Inch 10 point multi-touch screen IPS display with 1366×768 Resolution
 Operating System Windows 10 64-bit
 Battery Life Up to 10 hours
 Weight 3.1 lbs

With the Lenovo N23’s advanced design, normal day-to-day performance hardware, and lighter weight with up to 10 hours of battery life, it is still the largest contender for budget-convertible Laptops under $300.

5. Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK Laptop

Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK LaptopThe Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK is the best budget multi-purpose laptop for those who are looking for the best combination for Laptops under $300. It’s a laptop that’s as well-crafted as all the other Dell laptops, and the materials used to build it are also heat-resistant, so the notebook stays cool for a long time in computing and gaming.

It has a 15.6-inch LED-backlit display with a standard resolution of 1366×768 pixels and a built-in camera and microphone for a seamless video calling experience. It has all the necessary ports and slots to easily connect it to other peripherals while also providing an optical drive for reading or writing CD’s and DVD’s. You can use this laptop to complete all types of missions as it has the powerful battery efficiency of the Intel Celeron N3050 processor along with 4GB of memory and integrated Intel HD Graphics together to output enough power to play the Counter Strike, Old but popular games of the world and other similar games.

It also has an extra memory slot to increase the RAM of this laptop up to 8GB and squeeze out more performance. It has Dell’s MaxxAudio technology stereo speakers that serve as icing on the budget gaming laptop. It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 and is backed by a one-year warranty from Dell.

Hardware Specifications of Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK Budget Performance Laptop
 Processor Intel Celeron N3050 Processor (Up to 2.6GHz)
 RAM 4 GB RAM (Expandable up to 8 GB)
 Storage 500 GB Hard Drive
 Graphics Intel HD Graphics
 Display 15.6-Inch LED Backlit display with 1366×768 Resolution
 Operating System Windows 10 64-bit
 Battery Life 6.5 hours
 Weight 7.5 lbs

The Dell Inspiron i3552-3240BLK laptop is the best budget notebook for performance Laptops under $300 and does not live up to the expectations of mediocre and hardcore users, but its 5-pound weight may prevent a few people from buying it.

6. HP 15-BA015WM Laptop

HP 15-BA015WM LaptopHP 15 BA015WM is a stylish laptop, built-in quite good hardware. It has a powerful AMD E2-7110 quad-core processor and AMD Radeon R2 graphics, making it one of the best notebooks for games Laptops under $300.

The laptop looks black, looks good, and its minimalist design gives it a professional look. It has a 15.6-inch WLED backlit HD display, good viewing angle, and a crystal clear loud speaker for your entertainment game to a new level. All standard ports are located on either side of the laptop, making each port easier to access and have a built-in, high-speed optical drive.

In order to effectively complete all types of work on this laptop, it comes with 4GB of RAM and stores all the files, games and software you need, and it has a 500GB hard drive. Overall, this laptop is a great actor, it can easily handle daily work and easy game.

Hardware Specifications of HP 15-BA015WM 15.6 Inch Laptop
 Processor AMD E2-7110 Quad-Core APU (1.8GHz)
 Storage 500GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive
 Graphics AMD Radeon R2 Graphics
 Display 15.6-Inch HD WLED Backlit display with 1366×768 Resolution
 Operating System Windows 10
 Battery Life 6.5 hours
 Weight 5.29 lbs

This HP 15-BA015WM laptop is recommended to college students because it has a long battery and weighs nearly 5 pounds. Even this laptop is recommended for office and home use because of its better performing hardware.

7. Acer Aspire 1  New Release

Acer Aspire 1Acer Aspire 1 is another lightweight notebook that is perfect for students and business people to request such as notes, internet, email, word processing and more. The Laptops under $300 weighs less than 4 pounds and has a very nice looking design. Although its chassis is made of all-plastic, it is durable and durable for everyday wear and tear.

This laptop monitor is one of the best laptops you can get in the $300 price range. It has 14-inch full HD resolution (1920×1080), this is the highest price you can get the monitor. On the hardware side, this notebook has a very basic set of specifications, but it is perfect for the average user. It has a quad-core Intel Celeron N3450 processor with 4GB of internal RAM.

Laptops are pre-installed with Windows 10 and its hardware makes it easy to handle basic multitasking and multiple Windows applications and software. For storage, this Laptops under $300 only provides 32GB of eMMC storage, which is very low and may break some users, but considering the price of this laptop it’s perfectly justified.

Hardware Specifications of Acer Aspire 1 – Affordable Notebook Under $300
 Processor Intel Celeron N3450 Quad Core Processor (Up to 2.2GHz)
 Storage 32GB eMMC Storage
 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 500
 Display 14-Inch Full HD LED backlit display with 1920 x 1080 Resolution
 Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit
 Battery Life Up to 9 hours
 Weight 3.64 lbs

Overall, the Acer Aspire 1 is one of the best-performing Laptops under $300, and its lightweight chassis and hardware are perfect for everyday everyday users.

Acer Aspire 3 is also a very good laptop if you like the larger 15-inch monitor and want more power from your laptop. It is equipped with AMD A9 dual-core APU, with 6GB RAM and 1TB hard drive storage. It comes preinstalled with the latest Windows 10 operating system and has a variety of ports and slots. Overall, if you are a high-end user looking for a powerful budget machine, then Acer notebooks are also worth considering before making a final decision.

8. Acer Chromebook 14

Acer Chromebook 14Acer Chromebook 14 is one of the most powerful and beautifully designed Laptops under $300. It has an aluminum case, which makes the chromebook look and feel premium, but it also makes it a bit slippery. It has a 14-inch full HD display, it produces a very good color gamut, and because it is IPS panel, it also has a great perspective.

It comes with Google’s Chrome OS, a barely five seconds to get started with this Chromebook, which is half the startup time for any Windows laptop. With USB 3.0 and HDMI ports on both sides of the chromebook, WiFi runs three times faster than regular laptops, allowing faster and uninterrupted access to the Internet.

Featuring an Intel Celeron N3160 quad-core processor, this notebook integrates HD graphics with 4GB of memory and easily finishes up to 10-15 options on a laptop. It provides 32GB of internal storage and 100GB of Google Drive storage for offline and online storage of all the required files.

Hardware Specifications of Acer Chromebook 14
 Processor Intel Celeron N3160 1.6GHz Quad-Core Processor (Turbo – 2.4 GHz)
 Storage 32 GB (100 GB of Google Drive Storage)
 Graphics Intel HD Graphics
 Display 14 Inch Full HD IPS Display with 1920×1080 Resolution
 Operating System Chrome OS
 Battery Life 12 hours
 Weight 3.4 lbs

Acer Chromebook 14 provides quick access to all your work from anywhere. It is lightweight and comes with a 12-hour battery backup, making this notebook suitable for online business owners and students Laptops under $300. This is also our favorite and most recommended budget chromebook purchased in 2018.

Acer Chromebook came in a lot of different variants. If you want a smaller Chromebook, the Acer Chromebook 11 is a great mobile productivity choice. And if you want a bigger monitor, you can even opt for the Acer Chromebook 15, an excellent machine for home and office use.

9. HP 15-F222WM 15.6″ Touch Screen Laptop

HP 15-F222WMThe HP 15-F222WM is the best touch screen notebook you can buy at a budget of $ 300. This is not only a good looking laptop, but it also has a robust set of hardware specifications. It uses the Intel Pentium N3540 quad-core processor and 4GB of memory. Together it outputs enough power to play old games and run the demanding software on this laptop.

Its black color makes the notebook look more daring, and its textured lid provides good grip, making it easy to hold your laptop with one hand. Its 15.6-inch touchscreen display is perfect for everyday tasks and watching movies is also enjoyable because of its speaker-stereo speakers.

It has a precise keyboard, a very perfect key and a dedicated numeric keypad. It provides all necessary ports such as USB, HDMI, RJ45 Ethernet ports and memory card slots. This laptop has a 500GB hard drive that stores all the data you need and a CD-ROM drive for playing and burning CDs and DVDs.

Hardware Specifications of HP 15-F222WM 15.6″ Touchscreen Notebook
 Processor Intel Pentium N3540 Quad-Core 2.16GHz Processor (Turbo up to 2.66GHz)
 Storage 500 GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive
 Graphics Intel HD Graphics
 Display 15.6 Inch HD Touchscreen display with 1366×768 Resolution
 Operating System Windows 10 64-bit
 Battery Life 5 hours
 Weight 5.05 lbs

Overall, the HP 15-F222WM is a great universal budget notebook, with impressive hardware specifications and eye-catching design, is the perfect choice for businessmen. This laptop is also recommended to schools or college students because it weighs nearly 5 pounds and has a long battery life.

10. Asus Chromebook C202SA-YS02 Water Resistant

Asus Chromebook C202SA-YS02Asus Chromebook C202SA is one of the most useful Chromebooks on the market today. You can use this Chromebook without having to worry about drinking coffee in the kitchen or in the office because it comes with a completely sealed, waterproof body and a splash-proof keyboard. It costs $ 250, so you can save a lot of other money from your Laptops under $300 budget by purchasing this Chromebook.

The Asus Chromebook C202SA is an affordable Chromebook that does not affect performance in any way. It uses an Intel Celeron processor and comes with 4GB of RAM. For storage, this chromebook only provides 16GB of flash memory, but it has a memory card slot to expand memory. These hardware specifications make Chrome OS’s daily work fluent.

In addition to excellent performance, this is also a pretty good chromebook. It uses two-tone silver and dark blue hues, while looking stylish and even professional.

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Hardware Specifications of Asus Chromebook C202SA-YS02
 Processor Intel Celeron Dual Core N3060 2.4GHz
 Storage 16GB Flash Storage (Comes with SD Card slot)
 Graphics Intel HD Graphics
 Display 13.3 Inch HD Anti-Glare 1366×768 Display
 Operating System Chrome OS
 Battery Life 10 hours
 Weight 2.2 lbs

Overall, the Asus Chromebook is the best budget notebook computer for under $ 300 who wants to work on the daily productivity of a solid computer.


ASUS VivoBook E203NA-YS02 Featherlight Design

ASUS VivoBook E203NA-YS02The Asus VivoBook E203NA is our bonus recommended price in the Laptops under $300 price range. Laptops are a perfect everyday companion for anyone wanting a laptop to browse the web, running an application for Microsoft Office Suite and playing light games available at the Microsoft Store.

This laptop is a very well designed machine with an 11.6-inch HD display and a 180° hinge that helps to share on-screen content with a group of people. The Asus VivoBook E203NA incorporates the latest Intel Celeron processors and comes with enough 4GB of memory to provide enough power for daily productivity work. The laptop can also be perfect for classroom or mobile users as it has a battery life of up to 10 hours.

Asus VivoBook E203NA thin design, performance and battery life perfect combination, is all the basic productivity of the ideal laptop.


  • Intel Celeron N3350 Dual-Core Processor (Up to 2.4GHz)
  • 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 64GB eMMC Storage
  • 2 Pounds Weight
  • Up to 10-hours battery life

ASUS VivoBook TP200SA Convertible Alternative

ASUS VivoBook TP200SAThe ASUS VivoBook TP200SA 2 in 1 laptop is also the best choice for Laptops under $300 or less. It has a 11.6-inch HD monitor with 360° swiveling hinges for using this laptop in tablet, tents and cradle modes. It uses the Intel Celeron N3060 processor, with 4GB of memory and 32GB of eMMC storage. It weighs just 2.6 pounds and can be recharged for up to 8 hours on battery backup.

Check the Amazon’s price

Bottom Line

These are the best laptops to buy at your Laptops under $300. All of these laptops are top-selling laptops and they have good customer reviews and reviews, so these laptops are the best laptops recognized by real buyers for Laptops under $300. By reading reviews, checking their hardware specifications, and comparing them to your requirements, you can easily find the best laptop from the 10 laptops listed above.

I hope this Budget Notebook Buying Guide can help you get the best Laptops under $300.

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