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Best HP Laptops – Top Rated Laptops

HP is well known that the vast catalogue of notebook computers, covering the very affordable price almost every possible use. This year, the company has landed in fourth place, thanks to the lean, sexy design and solid technical support. However, the boring mainstream consumer products, moderate games entries and the boring business notebook kept higher rise from the ranks of the brands.

Hp Laptop

HP Best Points

  • Wide selection: From business laptops, such as the HP 17-X116DX series of consumer-friendly Chromebook 14, HP has something for everyone.
  • Solid tech support: Whether by telephone, Internet or social media, HP offers from its courteous and knowledgeable representative of a solid technical support.
  • Sexy designs: HP ENVY 13-ab016nr Notebook Intel Core i5-7200U, 256GB SSD

HP’s Main Weaknesses

  • No high-end gaming: Only the best of the demons laptop sports Nvidia’s GTX GPU 1070
  • Poor battery life: Some laptops let us down and poor endurance, and includes 14 HP Chromebook’s ghost.
  • Bland Business Laptops: A couple notable exceptions, such as the Elite Book Folio series G1, the company’s commercial product designed for dull and mediocre endurance.

Top-Rated HP Laptops

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HP Laptops Design

HP keeps returning a healthy variety of high-quality design, colour and durability. HP Specter and Specter X360 15-inch display, a few well-designed rose gold embellishments for carbon black as a framework could mean the difference between failure and a showstopper.

Hp Laptop Design

Cheap Pavilion line continues all the colours in crayon in play, and bright red (Museum X360 15 inches), gold (Pavilion X360) and blue (stream 13). You can even get some of the models in the purple!

The company has a slimmer best looking on the market of business notebooks Elite Book Folio and Z Book studio G3. However, we are disappointed to see that recently, Hewlett-Packard stripped the amazing beauty of players as the centre of demons line in favour of black and red plastic mediocre (demons 17), while the jealous MacBook 17 to 2 in 1 full clone.

HP Support  

In our testing, HP no matter how we hand it provides strong technical support. The company’s mobile phone dealers are knowledgeable and chipper, and even use music to celebrate a problem to solve.However, Twitter accounts initially sent us a link to an outdated directive from 2011, and after a telephone agent trying to sell us solve our problems of anti-virus software.

Innovation of HP

Hp LaptopsSince HP worthy honour delivered one of the thinnest notebooks, HP ghost, without sacrificing performance or comfort.

Meanwhile, the HP Elite Book Folio G1 keyboard MacBook limelight, with more than twice the trip despite its thin and light design.

Last but not least is the HP Specter X360, which is a near-perfect with longer battery life and slim side baffle exquisite best 2 in 1 second.

Value and Selection

With dozens of laptops from as low as $ 180 to more than $ 2,500, the HP product portfolio is fairly comprehensive. The company has an extremely wide range of Chromebook, mainstream consumer systems and high-quality ultra-extreme, such as the HP Specter and Specter X360. It also has its strong and Elite Books Pro Books two business lines.

HP also their laptops Omen gaming space, but they do not have the specifications, features and high-end design, you will find from Dell, Asus, Razer and MSI.

Warranty Of HP Laptops

HP notebook comes with a standard one-year limited warranty. If you want more protection, consider the HP Care Pack Services to extend the company’s line of warranty useful additional cost. HP commendable provides two or three years extended the warranty, including some accidental injury protection and on-site service.

Upgrading RAM or storage is not warranted. If you have a business or a notebook, HP will pay for shipping the services you need from the company’s mainstream consumer line (kiosks, jealousy, ghost or demons). However, if you have a low-cost laptop like the HP notebook 15/17, stream, or Chromebook, you must either win the gold medal (which pay to ship) or pay for their goods.

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