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Laptops under $100 are really exist in the “IT Market”? We happily said that “YES!” There are just a few “laptop makers” that are offering notebooks for the cost as low as 100 bucks. However, finding a best cheap notebook is not a simple task since there are very few”box packaged new notebooks” available in this budget so purchasing a refurbished notebook is the only method to decode deal here. What are the top best cheap laptops under $100 for sale? Are these filthy “cheap laptops actually worthwhile”? Let us find out it.

Technology is advancing daily and also to cope up with all the hottest technology on the current market, notebook makers launching new notebook versions with minimal improvements to its predecessors notebooks. Because of this, the elderly laptops that are still great actors get enormous price reductions when newer notebooks are found on the industry. And, this what makes purchasing old laptops nevertheless worthy. Well if we speak about purchasing the notebooks under $100 funding especially then you’ll see very few new notebooks at this price range because a hundred bucks is not sufficient to purchase a device such as a notebook. But nonetheless, there are couple refurbished notebooks to purchase under $100 that will permit you to do fundamental works like editing files, making presentations, browsing the net and other non performance requiring functions. Yes, we’ll take a look at the listing of top cheap laptops in some time but before that…

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You may know:

  • With this cheap price, you get an old hardware laptop, most of which run on older operating systems like Windows XP. Although it supports most of the files, which formats used by the new operating system, it is still very old, so a lot of things will be completely abandoned.
  • As I discussed earlier, when you find a Laptops under $100, you will check little or no box pack Laptops under $100 is not enough for buying a laptop under this price range. So there is no choice but you can buy a refurbished laptop has its advantages and disadvantages. Well, I’m not here for discussing these pros and cons here, so if any of one from visitors need to get knowledge about more than just a reference – should you purchase refurbished laptops or not.
  • These laptops are not equipped with an HDMI port, while the other hand you must have a VGA port if you wanna connect them to a projector or an external monitor/LCD. Even you cannot find integrated cameras and microphones on the screens of the low-cost laptops.

So after understanding all of the goods and bad of purchasing the inexpensive laptops, you are able to conclude whether these inexpensive notebooks under $100 are for you or not. Now, in case you’ve opted to go with all these ultra-affordable machines, then here is the listing of greatest laptops to purchase in your budget of 100 bucks or else, have a look at our additional notebook purchasing guides (use over menu) to discover the ideal notebook match on your own.

Cheap Laptops under 100

Top Hot – Notebooks under $100

Dell D630 Latitude [14.1-Inches Screen Laptop]1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo4 HRS
Apple MB403LL [MacBook 13]2.1 GHz Core 2 Duo E84003.6 HRS.
Lenovo ThinkPad T60 15.4″ Notebook2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo T75003.5 HRS.
D620 Dell Latitude [Refurbished Laptop]Intel Atom – 1GB | 1.66GHz3 HRS.
HP 1104 Mini NetbookIntel 1.66GHz Atom N2600 Processor2 HRS.
Dell 2120 Latitude [Laptop under $100]Intel Atom – 2GB | 1.5GHz2 HRS.

1. Dell D630 Latitude [14.1-Inches Screen Laptop]

Dell Latitude D630

After viewing this notebook, we could declare that Dell has become the dependable notebook manufacturer because many years since this notebook premiered back in 2007 and it stands one of finest cheap laptops under 100 bucks that’s really wonderful! Since you can see the build quality of this notebook is actually great, and durability is anyplace you view on this Dell notebook computer.

Its 14-inch screen is wonderful to do regular day to day functions. Its keyboard isn’t the most suitable like we see in contemporary notebooks, but it will work nicely as soon as you get accustomed to it. In its durable plastic body, there’s an Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz Processor followed closely by two GB DDR2 RAM. For keeping all of your files that are required, it’s 80 GB of Hard Drive. Streaming videos via Netflix and YouTube is going to be buttery smooth on this notebook since it’s dedicated graphics processor of 256 MB.

It has an 80 GB hard drive to store all the files you need. Streaming video over Dailymotion and YouTube (video Streaming sites) will be fluent on it, as it has a 256 MB graphics chip. Overall, we can say that the Dell D630 Latitude laptop is a good Cheap Laptops under 100 dollars (amazon) for the use of basic home purpose and business/professional use.

Specs of Dell D630 Latitude Notebook (Hardware Specifications from Amazon)
Screen Size
14.1 inches
Screen Resolution 
1280 x 800
Screen Resolution 
1280 x 800
Max Screen Resolution
1280 X 800 pixels
1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Hard Drive
Graphics Co processor
Intel Integrated GMA X3100

2. Apple MB403LL [MacBook 13]

Apple MacBook 13 MB403LL

Well, you may not have the ability to purchase the most recent MacBook with this particular budget, however a refurbished 2013 MacBook will certainly fit into your financial plan.Being such an old device, it’s still among the best-looking laptops you can purchase for under $100. Its body has been finished in white colour, and its own lid includes Apple logo that lights up once you start the computer.

So far as operation of this notebook is worried, you may take advantage of this notebook for all kinds of productivity functions, but playing games will not be a fantastic experience on this notebook because of its previous hardware.

Even it runs an extremely old model of macOS which could restrict you from using any contemporary programs with this MacBook. But this MacBook is a fantastic deal if you’re searching for a inexpensive productivity system under $100.

Specs of Apple MB403LL MacBook 13 (Hardware Specifications from Amazon)
Screen Size
13.3 inches
2.1 GHz Core 2 Duo E8400
Maximum Screen Resolution
1280 x 800
1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2 GB
Hard Drive
120 GB HDD 5400 rpm
Graphics Co processor
Integrated Graphics
Chipset Brand

3. Lenovo ThinkPad T60 15.4″ Notebook

Lenovo ThinkPad T61

Lenovo’s ThinkPad collection is the most renowned laptops as soon as it comes to purchasing company laptops. Yes, this really is old ThinkPad version, but it has that company laptop DNA within it. Additionally, it includes fingerprint scanner that creates this notebook the very professional ultra funding company notebook. Overall this notebook is a durably constructed machine but making it a tiny bit heavier.

Well, that could be jeopardized if you use the notebook mostly on the desk.It’s regular 15.4 inches of LCD display that’s bright but it is not anti-glare so with this notebook in direct sunlight may not be simple for eyes. It’s 100 GB of hard disk that is ample of room to store all of your stuff.With an approximate weight of 6 lbs and 3.6 hours of battery life that this refurbished notebook could be advised as best cheap notebook under 100 bucks for business folks.

Specs. of Lenovo T61 ThinkPad 15.4-inches Notebook (Hardware Specifications from Amazon)
Screen Size
14.1 inches
2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo T7500
Maximum Screen Resolution
1280 x 800 pixels
2.2 GHz Core 2 Duo T7500
Hard Drive
160 GB IDE
Graphics Co processor

4. D620 Dell Latitude [Refurbished Laptop]

Dell Latitude D620

Another notebook from Dell and this one can be in the widescreen collection of laptops and hence it appears nearly identical to Dell Latitude D630 from amazon. Well if we take a look at the build quality of Dell Latitude D620 then it’s also hard like D630, and it may protect laptop from many kinds of daily tears and beats.

Keys of its computer keyboard traveling enough space to offer great visual feedback while exploring which ends in agreeable typing experience. Its touchpad can also be appropriate for ordinary uses. This notebook has a normal 14.1-inch screen, and it’s loudspeakers that make this notebook acceptable for media consumption too. It’s 80 GB of hard disk that makes this laptop ideal purchase for men and women that are searching for a inexpensive notebook with much more storage.

This notebook runs Windows XP Professional, and it includes many useful applications pre-installed, so it is ready to go directly from box.

Specs. of Dell D620 Latitude Laptop (Hardware Specifications from Amazon)
Product Dimensions
13.3 x 9.3 x 1.3 inches
Item Weight
5.1 pounds
Shipping Weight
7.75 pounds
Dell Computers
Item model number
Latitude D620

5. HP 1104 Mini Netbook

HP Mini 1104 Netbook

Hewlett-Packard is the 5th refurbished laptop while finding for the Cheap Laptops under 100 dollars. As per our review and survey of laptops under 100, we find that HP offers great and fantastic Specs. in this professional laptop.

First, if we look at the design or body style of this notebook, we feel very that it is very similar to those laptops whose price range is under 100 dollars, but the HP Mini 1140 Netbook is very glowing than its competitors. This notebook has a complete keyboard, comfortable touchpad and buttons, which makes navigation on this Mini 1140 laptop easier. It also has a cellular antenna radio in the lid that lets you easily access the Internet while using a WiFi hotspot.

In addition, it has all the different needs of ports and slots, which is making it easier for notebook computers and other peripherals connected. The Intel Atom N2600, 1.66 GHz Intel processor is located inside this Mini 1140 laptop and runs Windows 7 smoothly on a laptop. It has 2GB of memory, making this laptop easier to multitask with a 320GB hard drive storage devices through this storage limit you can easily store your data as like the folders and files. Overall, this is pretty nice Cheap Laptops under 100 dollars for business use, because of its thin chassis, you can easily move it to between your home and office.

Specs of HP 1140 Mini Netbook (Hardware Specifications from Amazon)
Intel 1.66GHz Atom N2600 Processor
320 GB Hard Drive
Intel HD Graphics Shared Memory
10.1-Inch Screen, 1280 x 800 pixels
Operating System
Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit
Battery Life
9 hours

6. Dell 2120 Latitude [Laptop under $100]

Dell Latitude 2120

We can say that Dell latitude series are still judgment in ultra-budget laptop market since you may find the majority of the Dell laptops in a 100 price range. Well if we speak about Dell Latitude 2120 laptop then it’s a rugged laptop, so it is extra sturdy, extra durable and additional powerful laptop as well. It’s 250 GB of hard drive with 7200 RPM that ensures faster speeds while transferring documents.

These hardware generates enough power to work easily with Windows 7 on this laptop. It has a keyboard with very closely put keys, but nonetheless, it’s very good for typing on such small sized notebook.It’s all essential ports and slots, but it does not have CD/DVD drive which may be disappointing for several individuals.

Overall this is the best cheap laptop under 100 dollars for those that are looking for mobile yet tougher laptop for their daily needs.

Specs of Dell 2120 Latitude Laptop (Hardware Specifications from Amazon)
Brand Name
dell latitude 2120
Item model number
E396 dw5630
Hardware Platform
Operating System
Windows 7
Item Weight
3.1 pounds

Bottom Line

The second hand laptop under $100 and refurbished notebook market is growing at an exponential rate, thanks to the continuous advancement of PC hardware – which is great for us because it means that you can buy on a cheap laptop that will satisfy you A serious deal for basic computing needs such as word processing or web browsing, while reducing the carbon footprint by reducing e-waste.

Once upon a time, people may be surprised to find cheap laptops that cost less than $100 – today it is a different story. Talk about win-win. Also keep in mind that if you run an older operating system to today’s more modern equivalents (such as Windows 7 or Windows XP), many $100 laptops will only work optimally.

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