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ASUS Laptops & Computers for Gaming

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Second place brand, ASUS Laptops Company offers the best combination of value and performance of any brand of laptop. After all, what other companies proposed sub $ 400 notebook with a solid state hard drive and 1080 screen, or with a 256GB solid-state drive, weighs only 2.7 lbs sub $ 700 system? At the high end, a number of notebook manufacturers can blazing speed with the Asus gaming laptop or Ultrabook innovation competition. The only major drawback of this company is its weak technical support.


ZENBOOK With its sleek lines and stunning navy blue aluminium 3 is how Asus continues to be a good example of sexy. The company also continued to make beautiful games like the ROG OC G752 notebook version, it avoids the typical red and black, replaced counter-intuitive grey and orange.

ASUS Laptops Design

Perhaps ASUS took things a little too far with dazzling neon orange and black ROG Strix’s GL502VM, but it gets the credit-fueled colour of the envelope. It even took a walk on the wacky side with the GX800 and its removable water cooling dock.

But Asus deserves to be its second and third line of products, such as flip F555LA or Chromebook, it looks almost premiums more expensive counterparts praise. The company has even found a way to add some durability and the Chromebook C202, it can survive a fall from 3.9 feet, beauty delicious white and blue.


ASUS continue with their innovative best. Just look at the ZENBOOK 3, then this 12-inch Apple MacBook also manages the full power core processors crammed thinner. This is because ASUS also managed to squeeze in a thin heat pipe, and with a blade, only 0.3 mm thin fan. Asus C202 Chromebook is also commendable that it is not only durable and easy to repair. When you add water-cooled ASUS Gaming Laptop beast ASUS GX800, to the lineup, you have to continue on the forefront of a brand.


Value and Selection

Asus is not only good at making almost all types of laptops but also on the market has been providing the best laptop. While most manufacturers allow you to the 1080p screen, SSD and aluminium chassis such high-end features to pay over $ 600, but Asus laptops, such as VivoBook E403SA, three of which were less than $ 400. ZenBook UX330UA ultra-portable very little value, it will Core i5 CPU, 256GB SSD and 1080p screen packed into 2.6 lbs packaging.
Taiwan PC giant is the leader in the mobile gaming space, thanks to its powerful and innovative ROG (star players) Notebook computer. This ultra-extreme luxury market coverage the supermarket, the system as ZenBook 3, weighs only 2 lbs, royal blue gorgeous. ASUS Chromebook series includes a wide range of C202, may fall within four feet of the time, and the price is affordable Chromebook Flip C202. The company even has a series of commercial laptops in its AsusPro series.

Top-Rated Asus Laptops:

ASUS FX502VM-AS73: Overclocked gaming power

ZenBook UX330UA: 2.7 pounds, 10+ hours battery life

Chromebook Flip C302CA: Great for running Android apps

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