Acer Aspire Laptops and Swift Laptops with Best Deal


acer aspire e5

Acer Aspire laptops in all major categories of the broad product line, from the student’s Chromebook to high-end gaming equipment. The company’s pricing is very positive, so for some very affordable laptop, but many of its products are maintenance system, rather than the category leader. But no matter what you buy Acer Aspire E5 laptop, you will get the best technical support of any Windows PC manufacturers ( Apple only does better).

Acer’s Advantage

  • Great value:

                        This a laptop from 1080, also applies to the $ 350 a surface pro who enjoys taking, priced at $ 700 keyboard, Acer has some cheap bargains.

  • Fantastic support:

                        With knowledgeable agents phone and a useful site, Acer has the best support of any PC manufacturer.

Acer’s Major Weakness

  • You pay for your own transportation:

                                If you need to deliver service in your laptop, you have to pay shipping costs.

  • Business Blues:

                               Acer’s Travel Mate series is designed for business, but so far cannot compete with Lenovo, Dell and Hewlett-Packard this country.

Top-Rated Acer Laptops

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We reviewed 15 Acer Aspire E laptop computers, and five of them received four-star reviews (These 3 earned our Editor’s Choice Award). The rest, like Swift 7, just a good, but not great. 2.5 star Travel Mate P648 is offset by Predators 17X 15 games and budgets Aspire R.


When it comes to design, Acer has several dizzying highs and lows of some disappointing, with plenty of shrug mesh in between. 14 is for its gorgeous surprising Gorilla glass cover 3 of the work Chromebook – which is generally reserved for high-end systems wherein the.

Swift also 7-cold stunner stone, thanks to its stylish black frame and gold pattern and 0.39 inches thick. We also like to switch Alfa sturdy tripod and texture of the cover 12 of the keyboard, which made for a fun 2-in-1 on a visual.

acer aspire laptop


Although Acer is known for the value it has successfully challenged the limit in both directions. One is the Chromebook, Acer where we left a deep impression, the work of 14 of its Chromebook. It is equipped with tools to help IT into a durable Gorilla glass design.

The second aspect is the game in which Acer made a statement, which VR- ready Predator 17 X, but we are even more excited about the first bending gaming laptop, the Predator 21 X. Another highlight is the Alpha switch 12, which is a first removable liquid cooled 2 in 1 the Acer Core to fit into a 0.6 inches thick chip design.

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