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Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ design

The Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ is probably one of the most famous and famous Acer Chromebook 11 series in the world. In other words, few have been recognized by the Chrome OS since its inception and are using the operating system on their machines. Acer is one of these rare brands, and they went one step further, bringing a powerful Acer Chromebook lineup to the audience. In addition, the brand also ensures that all price range products are available, and introduced a variety of styles as low as 160 US dollars.

While all the models are not very good in their respective market segments, Acer Chromebook have very few solid market shares and are currently one of the best-selling models in the world. Today, we’ll familiarize you with one of the most compact, cost-effective, and affordable Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ values. It took quite a long time for us to use this laptop and this is our comprehensive review of it:

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ 11.6-Inch Laptop
Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ


  • Intel Celeron N2840 2.16 GHz
  • 16 GB Internal Storage
  • 11.6-Inch HD IPS Screen, Intel HD Graphics
  • Patterned Aluminum Cover, Google Chrome, Up to 9-hour battery life


Although the Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ is the cheapest Acer Chromebook on the market, it does a pretty good job of providing a clean, sleek look. The laptop is equipped with a white case, though it looks neat and clean and feels cheaper. During use, we also feel that the laptop is empty in some areas of the chassis. One of the admirable things

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ designin laptops is ruggedness. The laptop’s chassis will not attract any smudges or scratches. In general, the Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ is pretty good for the asking price. Please note that you get this laptop at a toy price. Uh, maybe an expensive toy.

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ is equipped with a standard laugh keyboard. Key alignment and keyboard placement are similar to all other Acer Chromebook. The keys are clear, visible, unfortunately not backlit. The keyboard is equipped with a good mechanism and all the keys provide good tactile feedback. Using Typing Test, I managed to get 92 words per minute, six errors, and 130 words per minute, with five or six errors on my MacBook Air. All this said that laptops offer a great keyboard asking price.

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For the touchpad on an Acer Chromebook 11 laptop, it’s great, spacious, and multi-touch gestures work well too. Laptop-based gestures include touch-based clicks, double-click, right-click, and more-based customization between the three finger swipe applications. But we did not have a good time using the mechanical click button on the touch pad. These mechanical clicks often get stuck during our use, which is annoying.


Acer Chromebook CB3 laptop display part of the 11.6-inch high-definition display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The monitor features IPS LED types and comes with Acer’s proprietary Comfy View widescreen technology for a better viewing experience. In addition, the screen is set to a fixed aspect ratio of 16: 9. The matte display on the CB3 has the advantage of providing enough light without hurting the eyes.

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ display

What’s more, laptops cost less than $ 200. The screen combines wide angles with comparable brightness and contrast. Matte display on the screen makes it suitable for almost all indoor conditions.


Before we start offering the specifications and hardware for this Acer Chromebook, we want viewers to recall the price of the device first and then continue. Under the hood, the laptop uses a 2.16GHz Intel Celeron N2840 processor. Laptop with dual-core technology, with Intel Burst technology, laptops can reach 2.58GHz clock frequency. For multitasking, the Acer Chromebook 11 is equipped with 2GB of DDR3L memory, which is a lot nicer than other Windows-based notebooks, but quite suitable for the Chrome operating system.

The Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ comes with an integrated Intel graphics processor for processing graphics. For storage, it offers an unsustainable 16GB internal SSD storage, which we think is a major disappointment for this budget-friendly Acer Chromebook. However, if you are always connected to the internet, then Google offers free 100GB online cloud storage.

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Acer Chromebook 11 provides HD webcams at the top of the screen. The camera adjusts the image quite fast on the frame. Shooting time is also much smaller than the competition. Because of its compact size, the laptop is perfect for Skype or any other video call.

Ports & Slots

This compact, premium laptop features a USB 3.0 port for faster file transfer. There is another USB 2.0 port, which is very handy if you need to connect an extra peripheral device. The laptop is also equipped with an HDMI port for wired media sharing with the HDCP port.

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ Ports


Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ running on Google’s proprietary Chrome operating system, the operating system is a lightweight notebook operating system. Known for its resource utilization, the operating system provides good performance even under a weak set of specifications. Therefore, CB3 provides very good performance for its hardware.

Although the software on the laptop provides some interesting features like file browser, application grid, document editor and so on, there are few such features in the software. In the process of using, we clearly feel that the software is not polished well. However, we hope to be able to update regularly. Acer Chromebook CB3 is one of the few laptops that will eventually gain access to the Google Play Store. In addition, it comes with all the popular Google application lines: Search, Gmail, YouTube, and Hangouts.


What kind of performance would you get from a $ 160 laptop? This means that we have not reduced this laptop in any way. The hardware just packaged in CB3 is pretty basic and apparently cannot count on its best-in-class performance. Dual-core entry-level mobile processors, paired with 2GB of memory, are struggling with heavy usage despite being able to handle basic tasks. The best part is that the laptop is fanless and therefore does not produce any sound during use.

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ performance

 All the daily necessities for browsing the internet, working with text editors and readers are working well without any significant lag. In fact, we are very funny about CB3’s performance and application processing. Compared with Windows, the laptop is quite fast and fast. The Chrome OS is a powerful addition to this entry-level notebook because there are not many background applications and services in the Chrome OS compared to the Windows operating system.

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In terms of connectivity, the laptop supports dual-band 802.11AC WiFi and uses the company’s proprietary MIMO technology to speed up network reception.

The laptop is really good at handling graphics for this laptop game. Especially considering the basic integrated graphics on the device. We ran several races, such as tank riders and speed racing games, which are fun on the map. To our surprise, the laptop handles them without any lag or hiccups.

Audio & Video

The laptop comes with two built-in stereo speakers that support HD audio. We tried to play HD FLAC files and the laptop did a good job. Although the sound output is not very loud, but the generated audio is very easy to fill the small room. We also tried playing some Full HD and 2K video content on the Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ. The laptop did a great job. Sadly, laptops suffer from 4K content.

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Battery Life

The Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131-C3SZ keeps using 36Wh batteries, which is fairly average considering the specifications increase. However, Acer really well extract more from the battery. Even during our use, laptops were able to provide around 8 hours of continuous use, including watching videos running a few basic benchmarks and browsing. WiFi is enabled at all times. Therefore, we expect the laptop will provide more spare battery when network reception is disabled. The laptop can charge in less than two hours, which is great.

Bottom Line

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ performance

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C3SZ 11.6-inch laptop is Acer to provide full value for money products. Not only did the laptop impress us, it also surprised us with respect to battery life and performance. Let’s say you’re looking for a small, great-value laptop so Acer Chromebook 11 is your wish list.

In the case of asking price, the laptop has almost no competitors. Not to mention that Chrome OS is the perfect complement to laptop packaging hardware.

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